Reasons why Ocean Freight can be Better than Air Freight

As quoted from a brilliant philosopher, no one can cross the same river twice as the water continuously flows. And applying the same principle in shipping with a freight forwarder, you cannot likewise send items using two carriers at the same time, and thus a clever choice which one could better serve the priorities is crucially needed. Your option would simply revolve between ocean freight and air freight if you intend to ship cargo to overseas destinations. Both of which have corresponding pros and cons, but you can always choose the best especially if you have previous transactions with each of them. That could serve as reliable basis on the succeeding decisions, though you should be open to possible changes which might have occurred in between the transactions or gap of time. But perhaps you would prefer ocean freight as it is considered better than air freight for the following reasons:  

Sea Freight


When transporting perishable goods and other time-sensitive items, most companies prefer air freight services. This is certainly a logical choice, but when time is not an issue, the best recourse is the ocean freight for being cost-effective.  It is primarily because shipping international goods via sea freight is cheaper than its counterpart. That advantage provides businesses or individuals opportunity to save on budget even if there are bulk items to send. Further, with this option, there would be lesser restrictions on shapes and sizes of materials as some cargo vessels can accommodate heavy machinery and vehicles that the air cargo cannot carry. 



Ocean freight services are usually accompanied by truck deliveries to deliver the goods to the respective destinations. This ensures the success of the transaction as the items are properly handled and not tampered with the use of intermodal containers. But aside from this benefit and being a practical way in sustaining the demand for the global supply chain, the ocean freight is also considered a right choice for shippers who consider the impact of the transaction on the environment. As you probably know, sea shipping leaves smaller amount of carbon on the environment which really helps minimize hazard given the huge emissions of such chemical from vehicles. 


Tried and Tested

Even before air transportation was made possible, there were already a number of ships used for delivering goods from one place to another. And time thus had witnessed how the development in ocean shipping had evolved since the days beyond the recall of memory. It is another good thing about this option as many shippers can attest to the reliability of the ocean carriers in meeting the demands of the traders or buyers. Specifically, there are already established practices that maintain good standard in the industry; thus, protecting the interests of those involved in similar business. 

Other Benefits of Ocean Freight 

There are a lot of things to be considered when shipping and the right carrier to ship with, and few of them include rate, type of commodity, and services. And notably, choosing ocean freight with a reliable Freight Forwarder could be best to serve those as many sea carriers offer efficient shipment at lower rate. But it would still be wiser for the individual or company to establish partnership with a particular shipping company so as to reduce cost with discounts or paper works on the subsequent transactions.  


With the aforementioned reasons on the preference for ocean freight over air freight, it is logical for any shipper to consider the same for a practical way of delivering goods


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