Essential Forms when Shipping across International Borders

Freight Carrier

Shipment process does not cease upon having the right carrier to handle almost everything required therein as the task of the shipper would extend to meeting all the needed documents to ensure a legitimate transaction. This denotes thorough planning and accumulation or compliance of several forms which will be needed at various shipping stages. Such requirement, however, varies in local and international shipment with the latter being the most complicated to go through. But nothing in here would be tougher than what is commonly expected when there is a collaborative effort from both the shipper and an experienced Ocean Freight Forwarder toward simplifying the delivery processes. Particularly, the essential forms to be complied when shipping across international borders are the following: 


Bills of Lading and Export


This is a document commonly issued by the shipping company to the shipper as an acknowledgment. In particular, the bill of lading specifies the items which have been received on board as cargo for shipment to the point of destination as given. Likewise, this includes the listing of various modes of transport that will be utilized during the delivery and is serving as a contract between the shipper and the carrier. Upon one hand, the bill of export is a requirement imposed for by the customs department to allow shipment. This also serves as a statistical record among other representations and is issued by the shipping agent or freight broker. 


Power of Attorney and Certified Invoice 


Authorizing an agent to act on behalf of the shipper is not simply initiated through verbal instruction; this transaction has to be made legitimate by having a power of attorney. This piece of document permits the agent to perform certain tasks in lieu of the shipper; however, it should not be confused with the general type as this one is intended only for specific purpose.  As to the certified invoice, this is required primarily for the purpose of certifying that the items come from or manufactured in a certain place in accordance with specified contract. 

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Critical Questions to Ask before Hiring a Freight Forwarder

Transport and Logistics

Have you ever pondered on the reliability of a freight forwarder before hiring one? Or did you merely rely on the cheaper cost when deciding to work with a particular company? If you lacked these initiatives before, then you have probably failed to take the opportunity for a more cost-effective shipping transaction – it is always possible by shipping with a reliable import or export broker. This is not a mere proposition as the company shippers sending larger amount of items could attest to the advantage of freight forwarding in terms of simplified and efficient process and competitive cost given only that the broker has expertise in the industry and has wide resources as well. For this compelling reason, it is thus vital to ask yourself these critical questions before or when hiring a freight forwarder


Can the Freight Forwarder Handle Global Business? 

If you are involved in a huge enterprise and do ship large items in regular basis, it is imperative to choose a California freight forwarder who can properly handle your goods or the processes relative thereto. Along with that, it is also important to ascertain the quantity of the service contracts they have given that shipping with the first sailing vessel is often beneficial. Particularly, the advantage can be realized in peak seasons when the space becomes a primary issue; in such a case, the freight forwarder has more than a single carrier option to get the cargo on board with ease.

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Reasons why Ocean Freight can be Better than Air Freight

As quoted from a brilliant philosopher, no one can cross the same river twice as the water continuously flows. And applying the same principle in shipping with a freight forwarder, you cannot likewise send items using two carriers at the same time, and thus a clever choice which one could better serve the priorities is crucially needed. Your option would simply revolve between ocean freight and air freight if you intend to ship cargo to overseas destinations. Both of which have corresponding pros and cons, but you can always choose the best especially if you have previous transactions with each of them. That could serve as reliable basis on the succeeding decisions, though you should be open to possible changes which might have occurred in between the transactions or gap of time. But perhaps you would prefer ocean freight as it is considered better than air freight for the following reasons:  

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Freight Forwarding Services and Its Basic Aspects

Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarding is a global business that is earning multi-billion dollars. From simple documents to large parcels, forwarding companies have their own ways and networks in delivering packages to every place in the world. These parcels can be industrial raw materials or personal packages. A freight forwarder can be a company or an individual that organizes and arranges the delivery and forwarding of parcels. Such serves as the third-party or agent that serve as liaison between the cargo carriers and the clients. In addition, they make sure that all the necessary legal requirements like custom duties and tariffs are paid. They also provide a tracking system and insurance coverage.

Some forwarding companies perform their operation on a small-scale basis. In most cases, their clients are those people who may send personal parcels and documents. Some of these things include greeting cards, post cards, personal stuffs like gadgets and clothes, and other gift items. In some cases, there are freight companies that operate on large scales basis. This means that these companies exclusively serve suppliers and manufacturers and they often accept parcels which are in bulk. There are instances that these companies have their own carrier which may includes cargo ships and airplanes. In addition, they are concerned with commerce and trade-related parcels. The shipment also includes finished materials as well as raw products. Most of these forwarding companies focus on a specific market sector- from sugarcanes up to chocolate bars and metal ores up to cars.

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Simple Ways to Ensure Safe and On-Time Logistics Delivery

trusted freight fowarder

It's always easy to make larger international orders or those which are taken from a long distance than waiting for them to arrive and be sold or given to your clients. This is a typical consideration or concern of most businessmen and the product dealers; thus, in some few cases, their transaction results to something they have not expected. It's when the delay ruins the company's operation, and at such point no one else deserves to be imputed with a blame than the service provider or freight forwarder.


That's apparently one evidence as to the importance of hiring the right freight forwarding company to avoid the consequences of damage to the order and delay on the delivery. It's one thing which others don't realize, but such is something which should serve as lesson for you to avoid. And you always have the option to experience quality sevice with utmost care and convenience in waiting for the things that you have ordered, and notably, the following are the simple ways of ensuring the safe and on-time delivery of your logistics:

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Determining the Credibility of the Freight Forwarder Through EAR Provisions

Do you have goods or products to be shifted from California to the other parts of the globe? If yes, what kind of forwarding agency you entrusted your good with?


Freight forwarding services play a great role in ensuring the security and safety of your good in the international supply chain. After you have paid your exporting fee, you have no idea on the who's who and the where to's of your package and on what kind of hands or people that would assist the flow of your good efficiently and directly to the address you have provided for it. Of course, you want safety and security, and not directing your goods to the chain of illegal exports.

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